Policy Statement

At Ivabon Limited, we are committed to;

Provision of products and services that, in addition to meeting customer’s needs and expectations but will also satisfy all applicable statutory, regulatory and other international standards requirements.

This will be driven through development and implementation of a sound quality management system based on international standards best practices with a continual improvement.

The fundamental requirement of this system calls for a systematic and disciplined approach by all employees in accordance with formalized processes and documented procedures.

Management will review the quality system at planned intervals and provide the resources necessary to endure its continued suitability.

IVABON LIMITED aims to bring accomplishment, integrity, excellence and commitment to our clients.  Hence, the company will continue to:

  • Hold onto the supreme standards of ethics and integrity.
  • Always understand, be totally responsive to and strive to exceed our customer’s expectations by our performance.
  • Carry on our job safely and in compliance with liable environmental policies.
  • Make provision for improvement on existing ideals of the company.
  • Create a work environment, supported by leadership that fosters openness, trust, communication, teamwork, empowerment, innovation and satisfaction.
  • Respond to her rapidly changing world with strategic approach to entrepreneurial development, innovative solutions, advanced technology and high quality, timely decision-making.


The understated are the concise excerpts of our corporate policies and principles.



IVABON LIMITED hires, qualified experienced manpower whose track records in the oil and gas industry is outstanding. Presently, our technical human resources / manpower capability for skilled personnel (including engineers, technologist and administrators) is about 10.

 It is important to state that 70% of the company’s work force for senior management, engineers, designers and administrative personnel are reserved for Nigerian Nationals.

Since we intend to be a frontline force in the construction industry our management has perfected some in-house, on – the – job training for our project personnel, classified inspection services personnel, sand blasting spray painting and coating, pipe fitting service men, etc.  In addition to this training incentive, the company shall make necessary arrangements for periodic attendance of various symposium, exhibition, technical seminar and workshop, especially when such programs are being organized by Government parastatals and agencies.

It is also important to note that our management shall implement a sub-contract policy for the empowerment of our indigenous supplies companies.



Although the majority ownership of IVABON LIMITED is indigenous.  The company’s hiring potential is highly dependent on the nature and scope of individual contract. In view, of the fact that these contracts most of the time requires some levels of expertise, which may not be readily available within the Nigerian Confines, such situation necessitates that we utilize the resources at the disposal of our Foreign Technical Partner’s. This is to ensure higher quality services and client specifications compliance and satisfaction.

Be that as it may, IVABON LIMITED believes and upholds the ideology of Indigenous Human Capital Development for effective enhancement of her host communities. This ideology further transforms into 70% local content/inclusion in employment/sub-contract awards to the communities of immediate project impact. With the forgoing in mind, the management of IVABON LIMITED shall constantly maintain and apply this policy of 70% indigenous/local participation within the ambits of her job sites. Consequently the company shall at all time implement the hiring of indigenes of our host communities who have displayed or exhibited evidence of competence for the specific job carried out within their locality or domain.



IVABON LIMITED firmly and at all times is of the view that no economic, financial and other work goals will precede human safety and environmental protection. The economic oriented goals are after all the final stages meant for physical and psychological individual and social welfare.

SHE policy even if enforced at the initial stages against people’s wishes, is to cushion the effect of the presently prevailing surge for economic effectiveness which often reduce human and his environment into tools serving that goal.

Therefore, all IVABON LIMITED effort should be and will be directed to protect people against health, safety, environment and security hazards.  This can be achieved only by active participation of each and every staff of IVABON LIMITED. Hence safety is the concern of all members of the company.



In order to maintain safe and conducive atmosphere for work, illicit drugs, narcotics and related materials, alcohols, guns and other forms of fire arms are completely prohibited on all sites where the company engages her manpower.

Possession of any of these items by any staff of the company shall result summary and immediate dismissal. This rule applies to all the sites where the company is carrying out work and on a 24 hours basis.

To ensure compliance, the company shall carry out periodic and unannounced searches and screening of employees’ personnel effects.

Further to the policy, employees shall be subjected to periodic drug tests (Urinalysis or Blood Test).



All operations of IVABON LIMITED shall be planned and executed in such a way as to –

  • Prevent injury
  • Ensure safety and security of employees lives and property
  • Minimize any adverse effects on the environment
  • In compliance with clients specifications
  • Maintain harmonious relationship with host communities.

Therefore, it is mandatory that every staff of IVABON LIMITED must perform his or her work in accordance with this policy:

Hence, work must not start and must be suspended when it is believed that essential safety systems are not in place.



Safety Belt is an employee (Drivers and equipment operators) best chance of surviving an automobile collision or accidents and can reduce the risk of moderate, serious or fatal injuries in a crash by as much as 60%. It is therefore mandatory that every staff whose work scope employs the use of equipment that requires the use of belts or other forms of buckling should do so.

Hence, equipment such as light craft, heavy-duty crafts, trucks, tractors, forklift, cranes etc. must be fitted with seat belt for use by the drivers or operators. Further, the security officers shall at all times enforce the NO SEAT BELT, NO ENTRY AND NO EXIT.  This implies a visual inspection of any equipment leaving the company’s premises.  If there is any breach of this policy, the safety officer is mandated to stop any form of operation.



All staff shall be medically fit and remain medically fit throughout their employment.

To enhance this policy, IVABON LIMITED shall maintain an insurance scheme against any liability that may result in the event of any personnel suffering occupational disease or any impairment to health.

Company retained Clinic shall handle all routine medical and medical emergencies.

The NO SMOKING RULE MUST be enforced in our working sites. 

First Aid Box manned by a competent a NURSE MUST be provided for field operation. Records of medicaments or injuries treated must be documented.



All activities of IVABON LIMITED shall be orderly planned or arranged in such a manner as to minimize at all cost any adverse effects or impact on the environment in which we work.

Therefore, IVABON LIMITED shall promote and encourage plans, activities and programs aimed at environmental preservation and protection.

All waste generated in course of our operations will be collected, handled, treated and disposed off in environmentally sound manner. Discharges of pollutants into air or water bodies are strictly prohibited.  “The Environment is our common Home.”



IVABON LIMITED has it as policy and function to manage security affairs as an Integral part of the overall CASHES programme and indeed part of the company’s business, as to minimize the number of security related incidents for all staff, clients and third party personnel involved in her operations.

To ensure the implementation of this policy, the company shall engage adequate number of trained resource personnel.  In addition to the company’s unarmed security personnel, the services of a licensed and professional security organization shall be secured on retainership to act as support to the company’s security.

At all project location, local security men shall be used to protect the company’s equipment and facilities.



For enhancement of harmonious relationship between the company and host communities with the aim of reducing operating cost and shut down culminating from unhealthy company – community relationship, IVABON LIMITED shall engage 60% of the non-skilled workforce from the local/host community. The company shall engage a Community Liaison Officer (CLO) who shall liaise between the community and the company on matters such as employment of indigenes and community development projects. The implementation of the community relations policy shall be the responsibility of the Community/Corporate Affairs Department.



All equipment must be regularly maintained.  All unserviceable equipment shall be locked out and tagged as thus:

The objective of such routine prevention and maintenance is to reduce equipment down time and lose time incidents resulting from lack of maintenance culture.

Turn around maintenance shall be planned and executed once a year. The aim being to pull all equipment in serviceable order for hitches free operations/use.

Routine maintenance and minor repairs shall be undertaken at the site while serious maintenance of completely broken down equipment shall be done at the base.

All maintenance crew must be trained and only experienced personnel shall be job-placed and authorized to carry out maintenance.



Smoking of Cigarettes, Cigars or Pipe in all work sites, on Company Business especially restricted areas, living quarters House boats, recreational rooms, kitchen/food room, offices and such other public places is prohibited. Smoking is injurious to the health of the non-smoker.

The continued fitness and safety of all staff is our concern.



This policy seeks to maintain work ethics in the face of hazardous operations.

IVABON LIMITED shall ensure that the laid down procedures for project actualization are strictly adhered, to with all amount of caution.

By Job Safety Analysis and Hazards Management, we imply the complete breakdown of the operations into components and parts for which critical examination is carried out to assess or determine the level of exposure for which company personnel on such projects would not exceed, for hazard reasons.

These procedures have stages and handling parameters which all personnel on IVABON LIMITED Work-sites are educated to comply with. The project manager and safety officer are responsible for routine training and seminars in this regard. 



It is the policy of IVABON LIMITED that the welfare of her host community is considered very paramount in the discharge of every contract.

Due to this policy the company shall at all times engage a total of 60% of its entire workforce from the community of immediate impact.

Hence, as a community relation’s activity, we shall adopt a plan of hiring indigenes of our local or host communities who have displayed or exhibited evidence of competence for specific job carried out within their locality.



The policy specifies quality system requirements applicable to all personnel who manage, perform and verify work affecting quality, whether employed directly or indirectly by IVABON LIMITED. It is also the responsibility of IVABON LIMITED to ensure that Joint Venture Company, client or sub-contractor have a working quality system. And such system must be scrutinized to ensure compliance. The company believes and shall maintain this policy at all times.


For better future and business, Let’s get started now!

IVABON LIMITED has been set up and managed by highly experienced personnel, with wide international experience in the oil industries, to operate in accordance with internationally acceptable standards and practices in order to provide competitive, versatile and reputable services in the Oil/Gas and Allied Industry.