Quality Assurance and Control Plan

IVABON LIMITED is engaged in the provision of all services needs of the oil & gas and marine industries. Our areas of operations are, but not limited to Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, Maintenance & Reliability, Construction, Procurement, Manpower services, Project Management, Supply and Provision Services.
It is the policy of IVABON LIMITED to provide our Clients with products and services which conforms to all specified requirements in a timely and cost effective manner.

For IVABON LIMITED, Quality is one of the most important means for achieving the objectives of our engagement. The concept of quality includes all aspects and features of a product or service having the purpose to satisfy Client requirements and expectations.


We have established a Quality System based on ISO 9001, Quality System Model for Quality Assurance in Design/Development, Production, Maintenance, and Installation. All procedures, documentation and best practices, in these areas, are equipped to meeting the requirements of this international standard.
The achievement of the Quality Objectives and as a consequence of the basic concept of keeping and operating a competitive and successful Company, depends on the quality of personnel, organizational resources and commitment to work and in addition to everybody’s attitude to the goal of quality.

All personnel have the responsibility, the authority and organizational freedom to identify and evaluate quality concerns and to initiate solutions. IVABON LIMITED is committed to continual improvement of quality and is encouraged to be actively involved in defect prevention and early detection and elimination of non-conformances.

The Manager, QHSSE is empowered by this policy to initiate and ensure that the Quality System is correctly implemented and to propose and start any corrective action whenever deemed necessary.

IVABON LIMITED Management is committed to providing resources and means that will support the implementation of this Quality Policy and quality objectives outlined in the Quality Manual while ensuring that all legal and other requirements are fully complied with. This policy shall be communicated to all employees and shall be made available to other interested parties.


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IVABON LIMITED has been set up and managed by highly experienced personnel, with wide international experience in the oil industries, to operate in accordance with internationally acceptable standards and practices in order to provide competitive, versatile and reputable services in the Oil/Gas and Allied Industry.